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Launching Your NP Private Practice in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

NP Hub

For many Nurse Practitioners (NP), starting their own private practice represents a pinnacle … The post Launching Your NP Private Practice in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide appeared first on NPHub.

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5 Strategies to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections in Hospitals and Private Practices

Gebauer Company

Now is a good time for hospitals and private practices to review infection prevention strategies and be prepared for whatever the future may bring. Hospitals are beginning to fill up again as the flu, COVID, RSV, and other infectious diseases spread. Here are five strategies to get you started:


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Privacy Alert – Real Life Stories

Nurse Practitioners in Business

Most of us don’t think about HIPAA violations in the context of small, private practices. When we hear of another HIPAA incident, many think of a hospital data breach or a hacked healthcare network. But they exist and happen more often than we’d like to admit.

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Taxes and Legal Structures: What You Must Understand

Nurse Practitioners in Business

As a Nurse Practitioner in private practice, the type of taxes you’re responsible for paying depends on the legal structure of your business. But before I continue, and for the record, what follows is not tax or legal advice. If necessary, please consult with the appropriate professional.

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Nursing Work Environments: A Brief Guide

Private practice Nurses working in a private practice setting typically deal with fewer patients, as there are fewer doctors present. Patients’ needs may be more specific depending on the specialization of the private practice itself. The pace is traditionally slower due to the lack of emergency situations.

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Nurse Entrepreneurship: No Longer on the Fringes

American Nurse

In the 21 st century, the entrepreneurial mindset is not just reserved for those with business degrees, nor is it reserved in the healthcare space solely for physicians or nurse practitioners with their own private practices. Aside from the world of NP private practice, what types of nurse-owned businesses are currently being pursued?

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PPOTD: 10 Reasons to Pursue a Post-Professional Doctorate as an Occupational Therapist

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Open a private practice. If you dream of opening a practice, a PPOTD degree can provide a bird’s-eye view of the profession that will prepare you to lead a team of OTs and other practitioners. Operating a private practice also requires expertise in marketing, human resources, space design, bookkeeping, billing and more.