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Advancing Military Mental Health

Healthcare Law Insights blog

Psychedelic-assisted therapy has surfaced as an innovative intervention for ailments such as depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and—perhaps most widely applicable to military personnel—post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This could provide military servicemen and servicewomen with additional options beyond traditional therapies.

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A Military Nursing Career: CAPT Andrea Petrovanie-Green

Minority Nurse

Military nursing is a career path that offers professional opportunities, a sense of family, and a commitment to meaningful service. Military nurses are especially proud of their profession on Veteran’s Day. ” Her path to a military nursing career began with those embedded principles.

Military 105

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Invisible Battles: Military Toxic Exposures and Health Provider Roles

Amercan Journal of Nursing

of Veterans Affairs The intersection of military service and environmental exposures has become an increasingly critical area of concern. Many veterans say that they had a picture-perfect bill of health before exposure to environmental hazards during military service. Providers should learn about military exposures and experiences.

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A Rewarding Nursing Career: Military Spouse Edition

Daily Nurse

Navigating being a military spouse and having a successful nursing career is not a feat for the weak. It’s a life of traveling the world, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, eating new foods, moving every 2-3 years, and having that ‘one’ pile of boxes in the garage that has faithfully traveled the globe with […].

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Military Environmental Exposures: Recommended Reading in AJN’s November Issue

Amercan Journal of Nursing

What should nurses know about caring for people who have been exposed to potentially harmful agents—such as air pollutants, chemicals, radiation, warfare agents, and materials containing asbestos and lead—during military service? Read “Military Environmental Exposures” to find out. Browse and subscribe.

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Bipartisan legislation seeks to boost retention of military nurses

Becker's Hospital Review

While the nursing shortage is nothing new, the government is seeking new ways to combat it within its military healthcare system. Legislators have proposed a bill that aims to retain skilled nurses at military medical facilities while they pursue higher education.

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Pediatric Military Nursing: Caring for Young Patients in Unique Circumstances

Every Nurse

CLINICAL PRACTICE Pediatric Military Nursing: Caring for Young Patients in Unique Circumstances EveryNurse Staff Last Updated: 11/10/2023 In the world of military nursing , there is a specialized field that focuses on providing care to one of the most vulnerable populations – pediatric patients.