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Nurse Burnout and Technology: Finding the Balance

Daily Nurse

Countless factors contribute to nurse burnout, from a busy schedule to difficult patients and demanding daily tasks. It’s growing rapidly in the healthcare industry, and while it offers efficiency and innovation, it can also contribute to increased stress and fatigue among nursing professionals.

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10 states where 'nurse burnout' is Googled most

Becker's Hospital Review

Discover which state Googled "nurse burnout" the most and the top metro area for searches in this insightful study by using Google Trends data.


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The Rising Tide of Nursing Burnout: Insights and Reflections


Fairly recently, a mental health tech, a nurse manager, and a psychiatrist – all long-time veterans of the psychiatric hospital where I work – retired and sadly died from heart attacks immediately after. I’m a mental health RN.

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Surviving Nursing Burnout

The Gypsy Nurse

Defined as the “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress,” many elements of nursing are responsible: long hours, emotional exhaustion, trauma, and many say Covid. However, nursing burnout has been a factor long before Covid. Burnout is growing, yet the nurse still perceives the symptoms as normal.

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Nurse Burnout and Retention Strategies

Northeastern State University

The term “burnout” has garnered much attention over the past few years. While nurse burnout has always been an issue, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the issue. With the right tools, these nursing leaders can mitigate the burnout trend and more effectively retain their nursing staff.

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Is Nurse Burnout Causing More Trips to the Emergency Room?

Health Leaders | Nursing

According to the authors of the study, Lusine Poghosyan , PhD, MPH, RN, and her colleagues, these numbers should cause concern, and they indicate the need for more attention and research on burnout among nurse practitioners, since most of the research currently available was conducted on physicians or registered nurses.

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How to Avoid Nursing Burnout

Diversity Nursing

Nurse burnout is not a new concept. Nurses have been experiencing burnout for decades. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, more Nurses than ever are experiencing burnout, making it a hot topic in the Nursing community. Nurses cannot pour from an empty cup.