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Nurses Writing Patient Education Materials

The Nursing Site

Writing patient educational materials can be a great niche for nurses who love to write and a natural means to grow a freelance career as a nurse writer. The following article, Nutrition in Pregnancy , by Melissa Murphy RN, is a great example of solid patient education. Patient Education Patient education is a huge part of nursing.

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Breaking barriers: Nursing education in a wheelchair

American Nurse

In nursing education, nurse educators, clinical decision makers, and practicing nurses reinforce this expectation; they frequently believe that the limitations associated with a PD are incompatible with safe nursing practice. Studies in nursing education are even more limited, and they typically focus on learning disabilities.


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Educating About Health Equity

Minority Nurse

Educator Jessica Alicea-Planas, PhD, MPH, RN, of the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut, echoes that sentiment, defining health equity as “ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to live whatever they feel their healthiest life should be.”

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Storytelling is Educating

Nurses Advocates

Storytelling is one way to educate. In this post, I share some of the stories I have used to educate and empower people. I hope these examples of storytelling encourage you to use your experiences to educate and empower others. Stories allow us to see things in a new light and help us understand how we relate to the situation.

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Maximizing Your Benefits Strategy: Reframing the Way We View Fertility

Speaker: Lizzie Wright - Director of Customer Success at Carrot Fertility

Before educating employees, we first need to understand the rising healthcare costs and the financial burden of fertility care. Employee expectations around benefits and workplace support have evolved in step with the growing need for fertility and family-forming care. That’s why we surveyed 5,000 people across the U.S.,

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Nursing Education: Pipeline to the Future

Minority Nurse

In that regard, nursing education is a pipeline to the future. Overall, 844 colleges and universities offer a BSN education, and many turned away thousands of qualified candidates due to a lack of clinical training sites and faculty. The post Nursing Education: Pipeline to the Future first appeared on Minority Nurse.

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North Carolina Nurse Educator Finds Right Fit in DNP Educational Leadership Program

Post University

I knew I needed more education to be an effective leader,” she says. My schedule allowed me to continue my education, so I completed the Master of Science in Nursing online at the same university where I’d completed the BSN,” she says. “I She added the nursing education emphasis to her MSN and finished the program in 2014.