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Challenges for hospital management in supporting nurses to deliver humanized care

Nursing Inquiry

Twenty interviews of internal medicine nurses from four hospitals were analyzed, and three main themes were identified: Management of nursing teams, Management of ethical values, and Management of the context. A secondary analysis from a primary ethnographic study regarding dignity in nursing practice was conducted.

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The Impact of Remote Work on iGaming Talent Recruitment


Challenges of Managing a Geographically Dispersed Team Managing a geographically dispersed team presents an array of complex challenges that require adept navigation.


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The Pros and Cons of a 4 Day Work Week


DIFFICULT TEAM MANAGEMENT Managing multiple teams on a four-day work week can be challenging, especially if the business runs 24/7. If these employee days off are scattered, it can be difficult to set up team meetings and it can be difficult to manage projects.

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Tips to Improve Your People Management Skills


Managers must possess superior people management skills to manage and direct employees toward a common goal effectively. We provide solutions to help managers improve their team management abilities and create a positive and productive work environment.

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A Successful High-Risk Birth: The Baiera Family’s Story


We’ll look at what happened, how they and their care team managed such a difficult case, and whether we can learn from it to improve maternal outcomes for other high-risk cases. Their memorable story represents a case of many things going right over five long months, ultimately resulting in two healthy babies.

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How to Tell if a Hospital’s Culture is a Good Fit for You

Hospital Recruiting | Nursing

For example, are the doctors sent to an annual leadership course to become better team managers? It could also refer to job titles and hierarchy. Whatever form of advancement is important to you, how do employees achieve it? Are nurses trained in quality improvement training to oversee critical processes?

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