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Being Sharp in Health Literacy

American Nurse

This exchange fascinated me, partly because of my interest in languages, but mostly because patients with limited English proficiency face the double burdens of social and health disparities, which I feel is a nurse-sensitive issue. In other words, good health literacy equals better health. Reference Yeh JSJ.

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Validation of Electronically Administered Three-Question Health Literacy Screener and STOFHLA in Identifying Limited Health Literacy

American Nurse

Introduction LOW HEALTH LITERACY, when not identified, is associated with poor health outcomes such as unsatisfactory medication compliance, poor disease management, and increased healthcare costs. RM, 2000) Currently, there are several validated modalities to assess health literacy (e.g., Chew et al., Chew et al.,


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Nurse Researcher Wants to Change How Providers Think About Health Literacy


Kristina Jenei is on a mission to improve health literacy, which speaks to a patient’s ability to make informed health decisions for themselves and others. As a former nurse turned researcher with the World Health Organization, Jenei has been tasked with changing the way nurses approach health literacy.

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Health Literacy Tips: Speak Plainly, Teach Often

Health literacy is key to helping everyone understand what is happening and make informed, shared decisions about health care. America’s health literacy challenge. And if all of these factors are not considered by nurses and other members of the healthcare team, then health literacy will be inadequate.

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School Nurses Play Vital Role in Developing Children’s Health Literacy

Daily Nurse

The role of school nurses often has the reputation of being a treater of injuries for rambunctious kids. But they have a more profound impact. Nurses in educational settings contribute to kids’ physical, personal, and social growth. One of the most important ways this is evident is in how school nurses influence the development of […]

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The Role of Nurses in Countering Environmental Racism

Minority Nurse

One of the most important forms of assistance you can provide is improvements in relevant health literacy for minority communities. Once community members know the impacts of climate change on their health, they can be more empowered to make informed decisions surrounding their care and day-to-day preventative measures.

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Primary care identification of mental health issues in adults with learning disabilities requires screening measures, practitioner training, collaboration and raising awareness in this population

Evidence-Based Nursing

Implications for practice and research Periodic training of primary care practitioners, use of mental health screening measures, interservice collaborative efforts and mental health literacy of adults with learning disabilities will ensure timely diagnosis of mental health problems among adults with learning disabilities.