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Is Personal Malpractice Insurance Worth It?


If a patient is suing you – and it can happen more easily than you want to imagine – then personal malpractice insurance can come in handy. What Is Medical Malpractice and Why Do I Need Protection? To find the right coverage, you need to understand what a medical malpractice means.

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The Rise of Malpractice Claims Against NPs

Daily Nurse

Why have malpractice claims – in terms of the amount of money awarded – been increasing? What can NPs do to protect themselves from malpractice claims? According to NSO’s & CNA’s new NP report, the average total incurred of professional liability claims in the 2022 dataset ($332,137) increased more than 10.5 Please explain.


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Nurse Practitioner Liability Report Reveals Malpractice Claim Costs Are on the Rise

Daily Nurse

The average total incurred amount of a nurse practitioner malpractice claim has increased to $332,137 – a jump of more than 10.5% since 2017, according to a newly released claim report published by the Nurses Service Organization (NSO), a division of Aon Affinity.

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Nurse Juror in Malpractice Case Is Accused of Misconduct

Many of my blogs have focused on nursing documentation and nurse expert testimony when malpractice is alleged against a nurse defendant. In the following malpractice case, an RN juror’s conduct during jury deliberations became the focus of an appellate court determination for a new trial. Details Leading up to Malpractice Case.

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NPs and Professional Liability Insurance: Getting it Right

Nurse Practitioners in Business

Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, is a crucial component of protecting nurse practitioners (NPs) in their practice. With more NPs practicing autonomously and an increasing number of malpractice lawsuits, insurance premiums have seen a significant increase. rise in total claims.

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Honors for The Nursing Site

The Nursing Site

Berxi is one of the leading malpractice insurance companies servicing nurses. I would like to thank Berxi Insurance once again for bestowing honors for The Nursing Site as one of the Best Nursing Bloggers Around. We are always honored and humbled to be in such distinguished company.

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The Legal Responsibilities of Nursing

Diversity Nursing

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice is when a Nurse fails to provide patient care that meets the established standards of the Nursing profession, which results in patient compromise or harm. Malpractice has severe legal and professional consequences and can ultimately result in the revocation of your Nursing licensure.