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Dr. Jesus Cepero: Advocate for Holistic Care

Minority Nurse

In short, they want to be in a place where they are being cared for in a way that feels most authentic for their needs. “I thought it was more compassionate care, and it was more satisfying to patients.” Holistic care honors that and loops the patient into the care by asking, “How can we help you feel better?”

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Gerontology nursing: holistic care of the older person

The Nurse Break

Health care professionals are sometimes caught between providing holistic care and meeting the “factory line” focus on throughput, and this can be dissatisfying for health workers who want to provide quality person-focused care to the patient in front of them.


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Social prescribing integrated in primary care enhances access to type 2 diabetes preventative approaches among high-risk patient population

Evidence-Based Nursing

Commentary Implications for practice and research Integrating social prescribing (SP) in primary care increases opportunities to deliver holistic care and facilitate clinic-community partnerships. 2023 Mar 13;21(1):91. doi: 10.1186/s12916-023-02796-9.

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Integrating Holistic Approaches in Minority Nursing Practices

Minority Nurse

Holistic nurses go beyond the physical and physiological aspects of medicine and focus on the values and beliefs of their patients. Paying attention to a person’s entire being can make a big difference in how they feel, especially when in a compromising medical situation.

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Walking the Path of Service: DNP Students Provide Foot Care for the Unhoused

Amercan Journal of Nursing

TCU’s NP students have provided essential care while forming meaningful connections, often incorporating spiritual support. This initiative reflects TCU Nursing’s values and the nursing profession’s commitment to holistic care and social justice, reminding us that small steps can lead to significant journeys.

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4 nursing degrees you may never have heard of


Holistic Care Alternative medicine is big business here in the USA as clients with chronic health problems seek solutions that involve fewer medications and invasive procedures. So depending upon your personality, that could be a major perk—no?

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How to Take Care of Patients with Serious Health Problems

The Gypsy Nurse

Promoting Holistic Care A comprehensive strategy that considers the patient’s social, emotional, and physical needs is known as holistic care. In addition to providing medical care, holistic care takes the patient’s comfort, dignity, and quality of life into account.