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Making The Case: Developing Diverse Talent as a Competitive Edge within the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Leadership Development Group

Now, as a part of our “ Making The Case ” series, we’re exploring how one of our pharmaceutical clients is stepping up by developing diverse talent capable of succeeding in today’s complex business environment.

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A guide for civilians: How NOT to be a nightmare in the hospital


If you want to take a nap, do so without pharmaceutical intervention. I also have my doubts when you rate your pain at an 11 and are eating pizza and texting. Phenergan is not for fun. Do not ask me for Phenergan when you’re eating a huge burger with all the trimmings. Do not threaten the nurse.


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Meet a Champion of Nursing Diversity: Rekha Daniel-Kimani

Minority Nurse

I started my career as an HR intern and have worked my way across and up the career ladder in pharmaceuticals, energy, consumer goods, financial services, and higher education. My experience in pharmaceuticals gave me my first look into health care and how it touches our lives in many ways.

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7 Jobs You Can Do With a BSN Degree Besides Nursing

Every Nurse

Pharmaceutical Field Working for a pharmaceutical manufacturer is another lucrative option for people with nursing degrees, and it can also offer a lot of flexibility and freedom.

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Possibilities of CRISPR Technology (Podcast)

Consult QD

Anwer: So, this is very timely because we just initiated a phase 1 clinical trial with a pharmaceutical company. Excerpt from the podcast: Podcast host Dale Shepard, MD, PhD : When we think about this technology, give us a little bit of a background on how it’s been utilized for treating cancer so far.

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Psychedelic Breakthroughs: Key Considerations for Clinical Trials

Healthcare Law Insights blog

Psychedelics have the potential to treat chronic conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), fibromyalgia, and various behavioral health conditions, yet psychedelics are not like traditional pharmaceuticals.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Software Improves Providers’ Work, Promotes Partnership | symplr


When a healthcare organization lacks sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical supplies, services, or blood, massive disruptions to business continuity can ensue. The health system’s ability to provide high-quality patient care can abruptly stop.