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Building better health outcomes by design

NRC Health

Join us as we kick off a new season of NRC Health’s Patient No Longer podcast designed exclusively for healthcare visionaries ready to envision a new era in the healthcare customer journey. The post Building better health outcomes by design appeared first on NRC Health.

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Top 4 Quality Areas to Improve Health Outcomes in 2024


As 2024 approaches, we will continue working to improve healthcare quality and patient safety. To better understand the biggest challenges and opportunities facing healthcare systems, we surveyed a small group of symplr customers about their quality priorities for 2024. The results revealed four major themes:  


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Immigration Detention Nursing – ensuring the best health outcomes

The Nurse Break

The role includes managing the healthcare of all the clients in our care, working as a team to ensure the best health outcome. The day includes attending a variety of meetings to ensure good communication between stakeholders and clinical staff. The HSM is responsible for additional HR duties such as rostering and staff management.

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Vincent Guilamo-Ramos Offers Healthy Nudge on Policy: ‘We Can Do Better’

Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine

To Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, the monumental costs of health inequity—declining health outcomes and escalating financial expenditures—are on a collision course to finally break the U.S. health care system, so staying that course simply isn’t an option.

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Leveling the Playing Field: How HR Can Equitably Improve Health Outcomes Through Fertility Benefits

Speaker: Julie B. Chavez - VP, Strategy & Alliances at Carrot

But for the best pregnancy outcomes, support shouldn’t stop — or start — with care access alone. Being in the know of how these benefits can help improve the health outcomes of your employees is the first step. Fertility benefits make it possible for employees to access treatments like IVF.

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Meet Cardiac Nurse Diana-Lyn Baptiste

Minority Nurse

As a cardiovascular nurse, I have always relied on my assessments, diagnostic labs, and exams, as well as my patient’s verbal accounts to develop a safe plan of care to support good health outcomes. With so many advances in cardiovascular health, how do you stay current on new trends, nursing techniques, or evidence-based practices?

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Multiyear NHLBI Grant Supports Research on Lung Transplant Recipients Outcomes

Consult QD

A methodologic problem: Looking beyond zip codes Researchers have long known that a person’s place of residence has an important role on health outcomes. The large size and fluid boundaries of zip codes limit a researcher’s ability to accurately measure the effect of a neighborhood on health outcomes.