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DBSA Webinar and Downloads


Download Free Wellness Tracker or Journals Need a Registered Nurse or Athletic Trainer? The post DBSA Webinar and Downloads appeared first on GO4. Two resources that were covered include the Wellness Tracker and multiple Journals that can help you follow your mental health, moods, symptoms and behavior to understand trends overtime.

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Free Download: CVICU Report Sheet

Nurse Abnormalities

The following was my morning routine as a bedside nurse and included is a free download to my report sheet. I did tailor it to fit the unit where I worked as a nurse, but I cannot express how much it helped me get through my day and give sign out to the oncoming nurse. Best of luck to you in your careers!


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Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing an Employee Write-Up with a Template [Download]


Download your employee write-up template here! Download Now What is an Employee Write Up? You can also download the template above, and see an example below. The post Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing an Employee Write-Up with a Template [Download] appeared first on Celayix.

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Free Download: Myocardial Infarction Cheat Cards

Nurse Abnormalities

So, the following is to define the acronyms I have listed on the cards, and at the bottom of this post you can download printable versions for your badge or study purposes. I quickly realized, this is just something you have to study and memorize, but I wish I would have had the following cheat cards available at the time.

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What To Do About Patient Balances

Nurse Practitioners in Business

Topic Resources How to Create a Financial Policy for your Practice Maximizing Revenue in the Nurse Practitioner Practices How To Successfully Collect Patient Responsibility So You Can Keep The Doors Open Revisiting the Fee Schedule Insurance Glossary you can download and use More Resources Catch up on all the NP Business Matters podcasts here.

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Nurses Month is Approaching – Nudge Your Manager Now

The Nursing Site

The focus areas are: May 1-7 : Self-Care May 8-14: Recognition May 15-21: Professional Development May 22-31: Community Engagement Download your own copy of the ANA assets, templates and plans for Nurses Month 2023 to use in your own Nurses Month celebration. There will be weekly focus areas during the May celebration of nurses.

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Your Nursing Resume Guide (Sample Resume Download)

Nurse Abnormalities

Whether you’ve just completed your exams or you’re studying for them, there’s no doubt that the road to becoming a nurse was filled with work. If you’re still studying, check out BoardVitals for all of your exam review needs! They are a fantastic company I have been working with and used for my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Board review.

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