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Are We Held Hostage by HCAHPS Scores?

Emerging RN Leader

By Rose O. Sherman, EdD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN A CNO colleague recently shared that health systems tolerate terrible behavior from patients and families because they are worried about their HCAHPS scores. She noted, “We are being held hostage because these scores impact our reimbursement. It seems crazy because the demand for healthcare far exceeds our […] The post Are We Held Hostage by HCAHPS Scores?

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Reduced RN staffing increases stay length, readmission and death risk: Study

Becker's Hospital Review

Supplementing gaps in nursing staff with lower-wage personnel like licensed practical nurses or aides can increase patient risks of readmission, death, longer stays and lower satisfaction, according to a study published June 10 in Medical Care.

Licensing 119

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Meet a Champion of Nursing Diversity: Blake Lynch, AKA Nurse Blake

Minority Nurse

Blake Lynch, aka Nurse Blake , loves caring for and helping patients and caring for and helping fellow nurses. As a popular nursing influencer, internationally touring comedian, healthcare advocate, and keynote speaker, Nurse Blake uses humor to bring nurses together. Working in trauma centers around the country, Nurse Blake started posting original comedy videos aimed at his profession to cope with the stress of his nursing job.

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Avoidable Overtime is Draining your Profits


When it comes to running a business and scheduling your employees , overtime can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it means you can keep operations running smoothly and meet the demands of your customers/clients. However, it also incurs financial costs, and creates other issues! This is where the importance of understanding the difference between avoidable overtime, and unavoidable overtime is crucial.

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Fertility Benefits for Every Age: A HR Roadmap from Gen Z to Baby Boomers

Speaker: Lauri Armstrong, SHRM-SCP - Sr. Director, People Operations at Carrot Fertility

Today’s workforce includes multiple generations of employees all looking for something different from their benefits package. While meeting these disparate needs can be challenging, a comprehensive fertility benefit can support everyone from junior staffers learning about their fertility health to senior leadership managing menopause and low testosterone symptoms.

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10 Lessons from Clara Barton’s Life for Living and Making an Impact

Amercan Journal of Nursing

Oil painting of Clara Barton by Mathilde Leisenring, 1937. Clara Barton lived an amazing life with extraordinary accomplishments, as a group of us recently learned on a tour retracing her steps (this will be the final post in the series ). But it was an unlikely, even improbable, journey. She was painfully shy, suffered from anxiety and depression, and had to endure discrimination due to her gender, marital status, and age.

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Fixing the Grad Nurse Turnover Problem by Equipping Your Preceptors

Healthy Workforce Institute

You might already know that bullying and incivility are rising in healthcare. As healthcare leaders, it’s our job to equip ourselves with the knowledge, skills, and tools to combat these issues. One clear example of this challenge is the retention rates of our newly graduated nurses. If you have a nurse turnover problem, chances are you have a preceptor problem.

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Veronica Pellegrino Unveils Groundbreaking Invention Set to Transform Nursing Workflows

Daily Nurse

Veronica Pellegrino, a compassionate nurse at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center , was deeply affected by the struggle to open countless safety-sealed pill packs for her patients. Realizing the toll it took on nurses’ efficiency and well-being, she embarked on a mission to develop a solution to alleviate their burden. Through UCLA Biodesign’s support, triumphs in funding competitions like the UCLA Health Innovation Challenge, and collaboration with consultants to refine her business st

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Elitism in Nursing: Breaking the Stigma to Enhance Teamwork

Diversity Nursing

Elitism in Nursing, a long-standing and pervasive issue, has been a source of significant problems across all areas of our profession. It often manifests as unspoken or assumed, leading to bullying, belittling, and an exclusive mentality. While experience is crucial for training and developing new Nurses, it can also breed a sense of superiority if not kept in check.

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Lucy Letby attempted murder retrial begins

Nursing Times

Former neonatal nurse Lucy Letby is back in court this week - read the latest about her retrial for attempted murder.

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Contributed Content: Nurses are Always There for Us. Here’s What We Must Do for Them.

Health Leaders | Nursing

CNOs are responsible for making sure their nurses stay safe and healthy at work, both mentally and physically. Editor's note: Mary Beth Kingston is Chief Nursing Officer for Advocate Health, the third-largest non-profit health system in the country. Being a nurse requires so many skills. They are patient and understanding when we’re suffering and recovering.

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Why Menopause Should Matter to Today’s Employers

Speaker: Julie B. Chavez - VP, Strategy & Alliances at Carrot

An estimated 1.1 billion women worldwide will have experienced menopause by 2025. Symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, and anxiety can be incredibly disruptive — and last for years. But despite its massive impact, little is being done to support those going through menopause in the workplace. In a recent survey, 70% of respondents said they have considered changing their employment to better manage symptoms — perhaps because only 8% received significant support from their employer related to meno

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Understanding the California Consumer Privacy Act Training

American Medical Compliance

The following Understanding California Consumer Privacy Act Training will educate California residents and businesses on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and its scope. In today’s digital age, the protection of consumer privacy is more critical than ever. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) stands as a pivotal regulation is designed to safeguard the personal information of California residents.

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Alumni Force for Good: Dr. Sha’Rose Erion’s Mission to Revolutionize Pelvic Health Therapy

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Sha’Rose Erion, PT, DPT, CEO and owner of Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy , embodies the essence of empowerment and inclusivity in her work. Dr. Erion, USAHS DPT 2020, is a 2023 Alumni Force for Good Contest Honorable Mention recipient. The video competition celebrates the impact that USAHS alumni make in their communities. Dr. Erion plans to use the award to offer free health screenings and continue to provide the public with pelvic health resources.

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National Patient Safety Goals Training for Hospitals

American Medical Compliance

Ensuring patient safety is a cornerstone of high-quality healthcare. The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) aim to improve patient safety by addressing critical harm areas. These goals provide a framework for hospitals to identify and mitigate risks, ensuring that patients receive the safest care possible. Furthermore, this training course is specifically designed to help healthcare professionals understand and implement the latest NPSGs.

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New college nursing program aims to ease shortages in Pennsylvania

Health Leaders | Nursing

Harrisburg Area Community College and Millersville University are teaming up to try to get more nurses in the workforce, as the hospitals in Pennsylvania face a shortage of the position.

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Maximizing Your Benefits Strategy: Reframing the Way We View Fertility

Speaker: Lizzie Wright - Director of Customer Success at Carrot Fertility

Employee expectations around benefits and workplace support have evolved in step with the growing need for fertility and family-forming care. As HR professionals, it is our job to ensure employees have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits our organizations offer and how they can utilize them. Before educating employees, we first need to understand the rising healthcare costs and the financial burden of fertility care.

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A guide to understanding big data for the nurse scientist: A discursive paper

Nursing Inquiry

Abstract Big data refers to extremely large data generated at high volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. The nurse scientist is uniquely positioned to leverage big data to suggest novel hypotheses on patient care and the healthcare system. The purpose of this paper is to provide an introductory guide to understanding the use and capability of big data for nurse scientists.

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UW Health nurses test AI tools for patient messaging

Health Leaders | Nursing

UW Health nurses have begun testing how a large language model could help draft responses to patient questions sent through the health system's patient portal.