Employee expectations around benefits and workplace support have evolved in step with the growing need for fertility and family-forming care. As HR professionals, it is our job to ensure employees have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits our organizations offer and how they can utilize them. Before educating employees, we first need to understand the rising healthcare costs and the financial burden of fertility care. That’s why we surveyed 5,000 people across the U.S., UK, Canada, India, and Mexico to understand how fertility impacts employees around the world. Our results show that no matter where people live, many face fertility challenges and turn to their employers for help.

Join us for this eye-opening webinar on strategies to create a more supportive and fertility-friendly workplace culture. We will take a deep dive into trends from this survey, including the affordability of treatment, how employees perceive fertility benefits, and what they expect from their employer.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the global financial burden of fertility care — and how employers can offer support without raising healthcare costs
  • Uncover the potential of fertility benefits from family planning to menopause support
  • Learn how having access to fertility benefits improves employee productivity, satisfaction, and company loyalty
  • Gain a better perspective through real world examples of how fertility benefits have helped employees to pursue their family forming goals
  • Get practical steps for creating a more fertility-friendly workplace

August 22nd, 2023 at 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm BST

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